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Spring 2018 Interior Color Trends

Written by Megan Thome | Mar 16, 2018 4:56:31 PM

Spring 2018 Interior Color Trends

Every season needs a refresh, and Spring is right around the corner (we hope, anyway). From warm neutrals, soft pale tones, to warm metallics and charcoal - check out our picks for Spring 2018 interior color trends below.

Spring 2018

Our picks for Spring 2018's interior color trends are a slew of Zolatone's pale, warm neutrals with a soft blue, warm metallic accent and a durable textured charcoal.



This warm metallic is a great accent to compliment this warm neutral palette. This soft metallic can act as an accent or a neutral depending on setting. What we love most about this color is the depth and tactile elements it brings to a space.


This shimmering rolled pearl paint gives a little something extra to those gray walls you're sick of. Flex Pearl also adds some depth and dimension to your space, making this gray much more appealing than a flat gray paint.


A soft, pale (and durable) blue pairs nicely with these neutrals to give your designs a new fresh look for spring. This Polomyx color is not only a calming and soothing tone, but is incredibly durable and cleanable. Plus, who doesn't love a good blue?


This soft and warm gray metallic is a perfect neutral with a little sparkle to really liven up those boring grays we're all tired of seeing. The metallic flecks in this finish really add depth to a space.


Soft creamy whites have taken over where cool whites once reigned supreme. This white is a very calm and soothing tone with more depth and body than a white with a cool undertone. Bonus, Flex Pure Color has stain relief technology.


Sensing a theme with our Spring 2018 interior color trends palette? This soft rollable metallic brings life to those neutral walls.



A soft pale greige with stain relief technology will bring some depth to your neutrals while protecting your walls. 


This sparkly metallic number in a subtle champagne adds depth and radiance to neutrals.


A durable, textured charcoal can act as an accent or a neutral, while bringing depth and tactile quality to your space. Bonus, this Polomyx finish is known for its legendary durability.


This cool white brings a nice crisp and clean neutral into the mix with a cool undertone as a nice contrast to the warmer, creamy whites in our spring palette.


A designer can never have too many whites to choose from! This white adds depth and body to a neutral palette.


Our favorite in this Spring 2018 palette, this white rolled pearl brings a metallic sparkle and depth to spice up your neutrals. 

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