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Running For Office: Polomyx Vs. Flex

Posted by Megan Thome on Sep 28, 2016 12:56:47 PM

It's Decision Time!

It's a battle for the title of favorite durable commercial paint. Polomyx and Flex are in a heated contest to win your votes for Favorite Durable Interior Paint. The race is on, you're looking for the best candidate for office. We're going to help you find the best candidate for lobbies, hallways, classrooms, showrooms, and stairwells, too. Let's meet them...

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The Viewpoints

Let's take a look at your candidates for the 2016 election.



Polomyx: Your Trusted Friend Since ‘56

You know Polomyx. Polomyx has been in service for a long time. Protecting walls and taking a beating to make sure your projects last and last. Polomyx stands up for you, for our children, and for our future.

Durability: The Facts

With out-of-this-world scrub ratings, Polomyx obviously has an upper hand on durability with 5130 scrubs. Meant to last a life time (and trust us, it’s been tested) you can rest easy knowing that Polomyx is fighting the good fight for you everyday.

Installation: The Plan

Polomyx has a plan. And it’s a good one. The best. Spray it on, watch it mask the imperfections in the walls and hide any dirt that people get on it. If this doesn't fit your vision you may want to check out the other candidate.

In The Polls

It’s been a tough start in this race; the candidates have been neck-in-neck in the polls. Polomyx is behind by a short 2 point margin right now with it’s supporters being largely contractors rallying behind Polomyx for it’s name recognition and legendary durability. Incumbents are hard to unseat.

Flex: The New Kid On The Block

Flex hasn’t been around since ’56 but don’t let that sway your vote, Flex came to put up a fight. Durable and easy to roll on, Flex is throwing some heavy hitting punches in the Polomyx camp's direction

Durability: The Facts

Flex’s scrub ratings are an enviable 5,000+ on the ASTM D-2486 test, which means Flex can rally with the best of them. Like Polomyx, Flex is meant to take a beating and protect your walls for a lifetime.

Installation: The Plan

Installation is where Flex is winning over first-time voters and undecideds. Flex is ROLLER applied. This created quite the scandal when news spread of Flex’s unique advantage over Polomyx. A rolled multi-color paint is unheard of after all and gives what some have called an "unfair advantage" over Polomyx.

In The Polls

Though it’s been a tough battle out of the gates for these two candidates, Flex is pulling ahead by 2 points in the polls. A large amount of decided voters are leaning toward Flex. Flex is also earning interest from swaying contractor’s votes, and leading in the polls amongst designers.

Get the facts, download your candidate guide right here.

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