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There's Nothing Scary About Durable Interior Paint

Posted by Megan Thome on Oct 18, 2016 3:57:02 PM

Eggshell Paints Have Been
Terrorizing Walls For Too Long

What's more terrifying than scuffed up walls? The thought of your designs being ruined a few months after reveal makes our blood boil. We can almost hear nails on a chalkboard. The horror of your damaged walls needing repair over and over... it's absolutely terrifying.

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We've seen it time and time again when the P1 specified is the cheap standard low scrub and low VOC eggshell paint. It's frightening how much your designs will suffer with these standard paints. Your walls are begging you for a durable interior paint. They're begging for specialty paint with an out of this world scrub rating. (We've gone more in depth on scrub ratings and their importance here.)


There's Two Types Of Monsters In This Business

In the coatings industry we use a lot of big scary words when talking about our durable interior paints. But there's nothing scary about durable paints, they're gentle giants. They're here to protect you, your walls and your designs for years to come. The right durable interior paint can make sure your designs outlast scuffs and stains, and protect against repaints for years. Your clients, building owners, facility managers and painters will all thank you when your chosen durable paint proves itself year after year.

Our friendly monsters are known for their extraordinary durability, and their multi-color appearance hides scuffs and stains on your walls. Competing interior paints are not meant to protect your walls. Those guys are the big, bad, mean and ugly monsters. They'll destroy your space if you're not careful.


The Right Durable Interior Paint For You

Not sure which durable interior paint is right for your project? As always, make sure you have a conversation with your client(s) about how long they expect the space, and the walls, to last. Make sure to include the frequency of cleaning that the area will experience to reach a conclusion on your scrub cycles. Remember, the higher the scrub rating the longer the product will last (and protect) on your walls.

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