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Installing Specialty Paints

Posted by Megan Thome on Sep 2, 2016 2:14:25 PM

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What to Know Before Bidding On That Commercial Job

Painters and contractos need to know a lot about a job before they can bid on the project and show up at the job site. Make sure you're ready to get to work efficiently by knowing what to expect.

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  1. Standard vs. Specialty Paints

We’ve touched on this issue a few times, but before bidding on that commercial job you’ll want to take into consideration the finish that you will be applying. Is it a standard eggshell or specialty paint? Applying specialty paint is a great way for a contractor to bring value to their clients, where standard eggshell is, well, standard. Applying specialty paint is a cost effective solution for your client as it avoids further repaints in the future, showing that you’re a reliable contractor they can count on (and refer to their buddies).

 Professional painting tools

  1. How to Install Specialty Paints

Specialty paints will continue to be specified by your clients whether you know how to install them or not. Get yourself ahead of the bidding curve by making sure you’re in the know on how to install the most popular specialty finishes. This will not only help you once you land the job, increase your efficiency on the job, but will also help you land the bid with the knowledge of the product.

Know your options. Many specialty paints come in different finishes that can be applied using different techniques. For example, rolled specialty paint is going to be your best option for occupied spaces that can’t be closed, this is a great deal for you. An airless applied finish is going to be a great option for new construction sites.

Specialty paints should provide technical documents and easy to follow application instructions for you with your orders, this will help you install these products properly the first time (saving you time and money). Check out our application guides that are readily available at any time here and our application videos here.

Make sure you have the right professional painting equipment for the finish you will be applying! Having the right tools for the job means it won't take you any longer to install a specialty paint vs a regular paint, but you can charge a higher price. Specialty finishes will specify which tools you need for the job, make sure you get what is recommended or it could impact the quality of your work and end up costing you money. Remember – they’re not hard to install if you follow the instructions!


Have any questions about the specified product you’ll be installing? Ask the product rep! The product rep should have deep knowledge about any technical issue you may face and will be happy to help you avoid any commercial painting mishaps. 

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