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Designing With Metallic Paint

Posted by Megan Thome on Nov 3, 2016 3:21:55 PM

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Nothing quite makes a statement like designing with a metallic paint in your commercial interior designs. 

Let's be honest, eggshell paints fall flat (literally) on far too many occasions. Sometimes your designs really call for that extra punch. Maybe you're looking to highlight some beautiful architectural features that are unique to your space, or you're looking to make a statement with those amazing chairs you sourced for the lobby, metallic paints can step up in a big way in your space.

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Zolatone Metallic Paint in World Market Center

Statement Making

Metallic paints have the unique ability to make as much or as little of a statement you require for your space, a quality that only specialty paints can bring you. Many metallic specialty paints are available in a large variety of colors, allowing you to really customize your space, from a bright and attention grabbing gold to a soft and subtle champagne. These specialty paints also work wonders for directional lighting, accentuating the lighting in a way that a regular eggshell paint wouldn't.

Aside from being a beautiful sparkly option for your spaces, metallic specialty paints can also add a lot of dimension to your space. If your space is feeling too dull, a metallic paint will offer a new dimension.

Zolatone Metallic Paint in LECOM School Of Dentistry

Cost Effective

When you hear "decorative finish" you may assume it's expensive for no reason, and doesn't really add any value to your design. While that may be true in some cases, many specialty paints are also incredibly durable. Make sure you check out the scrub rating of your chosen metallic paint, this will deteremine how long this finish will last. Some metallic paints have a high scrub rating that will last long enough to actually make it more cost effective than that cheap eggshell paint. (See more on scrub ratings here)

It can also be a much more cost effective option than wall covering. If wall covering can't quite achieve the look you're going for (let's be honest wall covering will get nowhere near the aesthetic effect that metallic paints have), or it doesn't fit the budget (wall covering can be quite expensive, see here), a metallic paint is a great option.

Why Would You Want A Metallic Finish?

There are many reasons to desire a metallic paint to complete your commercial space.

  • They can create as much or as little of a statement you desire
  • Looking for a decorative finish that sparkles
  • Accentuates directional lighting
  • Accentuates architectural features
  • Wall covering can't achieve the desired look
  • Wall covering is too costly
  • Metallic paints add a dimension to the space that other looks can't

What To Consider

When you're getting ready to consider your metallic paint, make sure you take a look at the life span of the space and determine what the required durability of the product should be, this will help you choose the right metallic paint for your design. Get our metallic lookbook to help you decide if a metallic finish is right for your project.

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