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4 Ways To Use Hygge In Your Design

Posted by Megan Thome on Mar 9, 2017 2:12:34 PM

cozy hygge interior


By now you've probably heard of the ever popular design trend sweeping the globe: Hygge. We've all seen what's become the Instagram photos of the cozy unmade bed with breakfast and a cute coffee mug, and we can thank hygge for that. The Dutch know Hygge (hue-guh) as simply acknowledging the beauty of the moment you are in, whether it's a simple night in with friends or the morning routine of making coffee. We've simplified it to mean "cozy interiors" but it is so much more than that! For the sake of design, let's look at the top 4 ways you can incorporate hygge into your work.

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cozy hygge interior

cozy hygge interior nyc restaurant

  1. Cozy Textures

This, of course, is the big one. We've all seen the photos with a couple on super comfy looking couches with big warm blankets and thick wool socks (can I be there right now?). Comfort is a big factor in achieving hygge, and while that may not be hard to achieve in your own home, it could be more of a challenge in say a commercial interior. How do you achieve hygge in those design projects? Throw in some cozy textures in comfortable shades, maybe try a textured specialty paint. Try adding some texture to your walls to add an element of comfort and depth that will really up the hygge quality of your space.


cozy hygge interior

cozy hygge restaurant interior

cozy hygge interior swiss chalet

  1. Warm Textiles

You probably can't just throw a bunch of giant warm knit throw blankets all over your freshly designed hotel lobby, but you CAN add some warm textiles elsewhere. We all know velvet furniture is very much indeed back in and cozy as ever, throw in some cozy rugs and throw pillows and you have yourself a nice cozy atmosphere.


cozy hygge microbrewery interior

cozy hygge Warwick LA restaurant interior

  1. Lighting Is Everything

A big focal point for hygge is a crackling fire or snuggling around with some flickering candles. Maybe that lobby design can have a cozy central fireplace, or at least use some gorgeous warm and intimate lighting (nobody likes that bright white fluorescent lighting anyway). Lighting is an essential element, and it doesn't necessarily need to be candles (although the Dutch burn more candles per capita than anyone else in Europe), some gorgeous filtered natural daylight can also be very hygge.

 hygge waiting area interior

  1. Relaxed Environment

Overall the goal for any hygge experience is a relaxed environment. Combine those cozy textures and warm lighting with some soothing sounds and smells and you have yourself a winning hygge environment. No suits allowed in this waiting room, but wool socks are certainly welcome. 

I can just feel myself cozied up on the couch, dogs at my feet, with the windows open and a light breeze fluttering in the trees, the comfortable and bright 2pm light filtering through the curtains... I think I'll just shut my eyes for awhile.

Get your hygge stylebook (for free) below. Featuring perfectly hygge-d (?) interiors, color and texture palette.

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