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4 Ways Specialty Paint Can Save You Money

Posted by Megan Thome on Feb 1, 2019 10:38:00 AM

Specialty Paint can save you time and money

1. Don't Replace, Repaint

Find out how specialty paint can save you money by updating your tile

Replacing Can Be Costly (And Wasteful)

Replacing old outdated and dingy looking tile can be costly, and not to mention, terrible for the environment. Sometimes being environmentally friendly is also wallet friendly! Avoid adding to the landfills by ripping out all that old tile and simply paint over it instead. It's amazing how environmentally friendly paint can be. Specialty paint can update old tile and make it look great again! This will save you time and money on your overall budget.

2. Enhance Block Walls

Make your block walls inviting with specialty paint

Create An Inviting Space

Look, we all know block walls are ugly. As much as we'd love to just end their existence, sometimes there's no way around it. Block walls will always be a designer's nightmare, but specialty paint sure can improve that nightmare! If you have to learn to live with this problem area, instead of going through the added expense (and time) to cover them up and install drywall, make them a beautiful and inviting space by painting over them with a specialty paint. A multi color specialty paint in particular can give more dimension and texture to block walls to make them feel more warm, natural and inviting. 

3. Protect High Traffic Areas

Specialty paint can protect your walls from scuffs and stains

Specialty Paint To The Rescue

The most expensive part of paint is the application. Material expense? Not an issue. Did you know that 75% of the project cost is labor?! If you figure out the ROI for using a paint of lesser quality for your project, you end up spending more due to the expense of labor (repainting year after year). You can download our ROI guide right here to see the breakdown. This is especially important to note in high traffic areas where regular paints won't hold up to the daily wear and tear (and won't hide those scuffs and stains on your walls) and will need to be repainted frequently. Specialty paint is more durable and will hold up to the daily wear and tear while hiding all those scuffs and stains, saving you money on repaints and repairs.

4. Don't Close Down For Repaints

Specialty paint can save you time and money

Save Time And Money

Many businesses (especially healthcare!) can't afford to shutdown for repaints, touch ups and updates to their walls. How do they keep their design and walls looking fresh without losing money by shutting down for application? Specialty paints can save you money in this situation in a variety of ways. If you've specified a specialty paint that's durable, chances are it's going to survive in these high traffic areas and save you from having to repaint or touch up at all - this is obviously the desired situation to be in! Some durable specialty paints are also roll able, which is another ideal situation for businesses that don't want to or can't close down, since you don't need to close off areas when your method of application is roll applied.

Figure Out Your ROI

When starting to look at your project it's important to note that not all paints have the same ROI. Specifying a cheap paint might sound like a good idea, but as we pointed out above, there are many ways in which a "more expensive" specialty paint will save you money. Download our ROI right here to see the data on how specialty paint can save you a good chunk of change.

Installing Specialty Paints saves you money over the years! Get the ROI Guide.

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