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4 Benefits of Multi-Color Specialty Paint

Posted by Megan Thome on Apr 15, 2019 10:46:00 AM

Hospital Hallway with multi-color paint (Flex)

4 Benefits of Multi-Color Paint


There's a time and a place for flat eggshell paints, but there are far more benefits to choosing something a little different. Multi-color paint has many benefits that can help bring designs to life. Let's look at the top 4 benefits to choosing a multi color paint.

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River Rock.jpg

  1. More Natural

We’re all for the age of machines and technology, but sometimes these trends in design can make for an awfully cold and stark feeling space. Multi-color finishes tend to make a much more natural feeling design, this is a great way to make spaces more comfortable. Think about hospital waiting rooms, for example, you don’t want to be in a stark crisp-white room while you’re waiting for news (good or bad). Many designs would benefit from a more comforting and natural design with a multi-color finish.

Multi color specialty paints can create designs that a regular eggshell would not, while also making it possible for a limitless amount of custom paint colors. Multi color paints add a more natural blend of colors to your designs, since there are no solid colors in nature, allowing your walls to blend more naturally with other interior elements such as carpeting and furnishings. Hartsfield Jackson Airport

  1. Blends in with design schemes

Multi-color paint really gives the designer infinite options with their design choices. Some furnishings can be a challenge to fit into schemes with solid color paint choices. The ability to choose multi-color paint creates opportunities for these furnishings, making the job as a designer easier, and your designs more seamless.

Again, this feels more natural than a stark solid color.


  1. Makes for great accents

While multi-color is great for blending in, it’s also great for standing out. Multi color paints can create a great accent for your design, whether it’s a hallway or a lobby wall. Multi-color finishes can create vibrant colors that shine, sparkle, pop and create depth vs. the standard flat solid paint.

 Eggshells don't hide scuffs and stains

  1. Hides scuffs, stains and dirt

Covered in an earlier post (here) multi-color paints can pro-long the lifespan of your designs. This has to be one of the most significant benefits of using a multi-color finish over an eggshell. The multi-color paint adds a dimension to your walls that hides the scuffs, stains and dirt that many walls are ruined from. This not only saves your clients money (goodbye, repaints) but it also means your design is going to last longer.

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