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15 Examples of Great Commercial Interior Design

Posted by Megan Thome on Apr 2, 2019, 10:35:00 AM

Commercial Interior Design

Great commercial interior design

We all have our favorite examples of great commercial interior design, projects that inspired us to become interior designers, but sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones a little and do some digging. What’s going on in the commercial interior design industry? Here’s some of our favorite examples from recent years, and links to get more information on each project.

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1. Joy City 'Woo Space'

Great commercial interior design - Joy City Woo Space

hyperSity Office - Beijing, China


Located in a business park in Beijing, China, this space was originally a single story brick warehouse. To make this space usable for independent and co-working spaces the hyperSity office team created a multi-level interlayer system, expanding the space to 2,600 square meters! The space is divided, creating different spheres of privacy while also having options for co-working spaces. The final space also includes an event space, cafe, theater and gym. If we were going to switch offices, we might just consider the move to Beijing to call this place our workspace.. Read more here.


2. Waanders In de Broeren

Great commercial interior design - Waanders in de BroerenBK Architecten - Achter de Broeren, Zwolle, Netherlands


The city of Zwolle added a unique shopping experience to their local cultural heritage site. Adding three shopping floors to the interior of this church, BK. Architecten created an innovative way to bring new life to this 15th century Broerenkerk church. This commercial interior design project must have been a real challenge, and turned out a true gem. A truly unique shopping experience, wouldn’t you agree? Read more from the architect’s themselves here.


3. Midwest Commodity Exchange Center

Great commercial interior design MCEC

Interdesign Associates + Hugo Kohno Architect Associates - Shaanxi, China


We love the unique shape of the towers and stark interiors of this commercial design project. Located in the center of what’s known as China’s New Silk Road, the Midwest Commodity Exchange Center is a trade center for metal products, and was designed by Interdesign Associates with Hugo Kohno Architect Associates. Composed of 7 buildings, this development represents the “dynamic sequence of urban landscape that changes constantly in all directions according to the shifting viewpoints in motion”. Read more here.


4. U.S. Air Force Academy Center for Character & Leadership Development

Great commercial interior design US Air Force Academy

SOM - Colorado Springs, CO


SOM designed the US Air Force Academy’s campus in 1954, and as it was recently designated a National Historic Landmark District in 2004, it only made sense they would design the symbolic addition to the campus. The Center for Character and Leadership Development is to serve as an integral experience for Cadets in their training. Serving as an education and research center to support the Academy’s mission to integrate character and leadership development into every aspect of the Cadets’ training experience. This new CCLD creates an architectural focal point for the campus, featuring a 105 foot skylight that is the signature focal point of the development. Find more on this beautiful and bold design here.


5. Alphabeta Studio

Great commercial interior design Alphabeta Studio

RHE - London, UK


As the work culture evolves, Studio RHE set out to create a modern and vibrant office space in London. Creating a space that stands out in London is no easy feat. By creating spaces that allow collaborative working environments as well as private spaces, social spaces, leisure facilities and roof terraces RHE has created an office that stands out. Perhaps the most unique feature of this building is the attention to cycling that is at the heart of many urbanites in London. Creating a large cycle store at the lower ground level, RHE made space for 250 bikes, changing rooms and lockers. Can we get something like this in Minneapolis, please? Read more here.


6. Ki Se Tsu Hair Salon

Great commercial interior design

iks design - Nagoya, Japan


In Nagoya, Japan a husband and wife run a hair and esthetic salon in one conjoined space. Seeking a usable and expandable space in only 40sqm of space available they turned to iks design. Designed with moving mirrors and a movable wall to make a private room for the esthetic salon or a private styling station, the couple have the option of expanding the space for additional styling chairs in the future. Commercial interior design projects come in all shapes and sizes, with only 40sqm to work with this designer really had their work cut out for them. Read more from the designer here.


7. Pharmacy El PuenteGreat commercial interior design

ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura - Granada, Spain


The pharmacy of the future takes on a more personal approach, with ceasing to be mere medicine dispensers. Dealing with clients on a more individual basis, this pharmacy needed a new location. The architects upgraded an existing commercial space, formerly a warehouse for storing ham, allowing the owner to consider new ideas for their pharmacy. This pharmacy became an innovative way for the client and pharmaceutical dispatch to interact, as well as offer new services. Read more here.


8. Liverpool Insurgentes Department Store

Great commercial interior design Liverpool

Rojkind Arquitectos - Mexico City, Mexico


On a busy street corner in Mexico City, with an increase in foot traffic and new public transportation activity, Rojkind Arquitectos knew this retail store needed a new facade to give the space a more dynamic urban presence. Blurring the line between activity inside the store (with heavy traffic) and passerby on the outside, this commercial design became a unique combination of digital design and local fabrication, using Mexico’s skilled craftsmen and rich tradition in metal working. The almost porous looking facade not only allows passerby to see activity on the inside of the store, but also houses displays. Read more here.


9. Hangzhou Duolan Commercial Complex

Great commercial interior design Hangzhou Duolan Commercial

BAU Brearley Architects + Urbanists - Hangzhou, China


Sitting in one of China’s great historical cities, this district is a prime example of the typical contemporary Chinese urban environment. High density, high speed, highly privatised and well engineered, but with under developed public space. This design competition called for a shopping mall and separate single occupant home office blocks. The architects wanted to address the isolation of living and working in the new district, so they included several spaces for recreational activity including: outdoor swimming pool, gym, and a roof top kitchen. This complex multi-level labyrinthine space also includes a a compressed hill-top and quiet roof top gardens. It’s the giant urban playground. Read more about this incredible project here.


10. Tongling New Library

Great commercial interior design Tongling Library

yue-design - Tongling, China


This project may be our favorite in this collection of great commercial interior design examples. In this digital age it can be difficult to make libraries feel relevant and engaging. This library and bookstore wanted to create a space that provided the public with a greater level of reading experience, and by the looks of it, they surely accomplished this. Containing a lecture hall, book distribution center, children’s lending section, visually impaired reading area, art galleries, cultural and creative stationary, gourmet food, education and training, a sky garden sitting area and reading hall, creative painting room, reading and interactive experience center, HIFI and listening rooms, more reading rooms and self-study areas… This library has it all. We would travel to China just to experience this library. Wouldn’t you? Read more about it here.


11. Carturesti Carusel

Great commercial interior design Carturesti Carusel

Square One - Bucuresti, Romania


Square One had to work with this building located in the old city center of Bucharest, with a long and intricate history. Built in the 19th century this space was originally a bank, and then a clothing shop, before slowly becoming a ruin before it re-gained life as this bookstore. Several components of previous renovations can still be seen in the current design. Playing with existing elements and creating visual impact and sculptural value, the designers created an organic form that winds through the structural elements of the space. Read more here.


12. S20SB Headquarters & Conference Hall

Great commercial interior design S20SB

BINAA - Sakarya, Turkey


We love the use of lighting and textures in this commercial design. Located in the Sakarya region of Turkey, around 105 miles east of Istanbul, this pioneering management building, headquarters and conference hall is an iconic structure in the area. The space is engaging people into a new way of looking, uniting the vision of the management and engineering teams. Like other examples we’ve shared in this post, the facade of this building forges the relationship between the exterior and interior, playing with materials to make the two worlds interact. The goal of the space was to bring together various industries and people, to open minds and build potential. Read more here.


13. Birkenstock Australia

Great commercial interior design Birkenstock

Melbourne Design Studios - Clifton Hill, Australia


Birkenstock’s headquarters, wholesale office and workshop was designed into an old run-down heritage building in Melbourne, Australia. With the brand’s core values in mind, Design Studios transformed the space into a warm and contemporary design with natural elements, giving a hip feel to the company’s holistic approach to sustainability, craftsmanship and quality. The unique layout creates spaces that allow for spontaneous encounters amongst staff of different departments to enhance the company culture, whilst also using unique and unexpected materials such as live natural grass as flooring. Read more here.


14. Zorlu Center

Great commercial interior design Zorlu Center

Emre Arolat Architects + Tabanlioglu Architects - Istanbul, Turkey


In nearly 7,000sqft this development is almost an entire community. Located in the junction that connects the city center with the business district, the Zorlu Center is meant for a host of different functions combined into one complex. Consisting of both public and private spaces, retail units, a concert hall and residential units the architects were able to merge these spaces in harmony. Read more here.


15. Joolz Headquarters

Great commercial interior design Joolz Headquarters

Space Encounters - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Space Encounters set out to design and construct the new Joolz headquarters in Amsterdam focusing on the brand’s core values of positive design and transparency. They were successful on so many levels. This 1600sqm space contains three lavish gardens filled with trees, plants, birds and fish (can we work here?) allowing employees to pick their own exotic locations to work for the day. Read more here.


Your Turn

These 15 designs really push the boundaries, wouldn't you agree? We're definitely feeling inspired now. When you're starting your own project it's imperative that you define the rules of your space first, don't jump into adding an element that doesn't fit with the overall scope of the project just to *stand out*. Download our guide on the design process below to make sure you follow the appropriate steps to complete your very own great commercial interior design.

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*All images courtesy of archdaily.com

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